Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Rose and the Dew drop .......

What shines there like a precious gem ,
on a petal shining with pride ..
The rose seems shy as she blushes red ,
wearing her jewel like a bride .

Rose bush ...rose bush can you say ,
what makes your flower shy ?
It is her gem ...her lover ...her joy
and i admire it with a sigh .

Little rose can you give him to me ?
I ask with sparkling eyes ,
She is so silent , as she stands ,
her silence asking me ...Why ?

Little rose why no answer gives thou ?
with your gem will you part ?
She looks on ever so silently ...
Her silence touches my heart .

And then her silent happiness ,
slowly seems to melt away ,
As she looks on the rising sun,
"NO" her silence seems to say ..

Rose bush ...please tell me why ...
the little rose fears the sun ?
As he rises , her little heart knows ...
Gem there would be none !

I look on silently as her lover dies away
as she looks on , the pain tearing her apart ...
where is he ...can you say ?

Thou be nor sad oh beauty ,
He will return to you
sleep with content and a wish in your heart ,
the hours are but very few.

She stands with searching eyes to the sky ..
and wonders without a word
When my precious gem comes back ...
I would have left this world !

The rose she sleeps with a heavy heart ,
and wakes up with a silent prayer ,
As she slowly opens her eyes in fear ,
she sees ...him waiting there .

Rose bush rose bush i happily sing ,
What a beautiful sight !!!!!!
The blush is back on her beautiful cheeks ,
As silent lovers unite .

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Midnight Silver

Miles and miles stretches the dark deep night
Silent and magical and calm
The wise old owl , sits deep in thought
The look saying the wisest I am ...

Diamonds sparkle in the ancient treasure chest
 In the castle of the sky  
Arrogant and without a lock ,
The moon guards it with a look so sly ...

He seems to smile so daringly ,
None could touch or feel
The celestial beauties shining free ,
To their grandeur we would kneel .

Proudly he glances around ,
I am the wealthiest without a doubt
With milion diamonds in my care
 Why should i sulk and Pout ...

Just then there was the slighest murmur From the mortal down below
His gaze so easily shifted ...
From the treasures with the blinding glow .

There humble and meek she stood    
Shy and pretty , pure and serene ,
The midnight lily now awake
Her radiance innocent and clean

The starry treasure fading now
Before a beauty so serene
 The greatest wealth , the greatest treasure
 Innocence has always been !!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Kite without a String

A kite without a string
Has no lines that it can't cross.

A kite without a string
Is not limit bound.

A kite without a string
Is free as free can be

A kite without a string
Finds places none can find

A kite without a string
Is a soul

A kite and a humble string
A bond so loosely tied

As far as it just needs to go
It holds on snug and tight

Monday, January 15, 2018


Every window has shut
Every curtain has fallen
Every memory cut off
Yet deep inside , a haunting.

Memories are now mere shadows
Thoughts are just moments
Tears have now dried
Yet somewhere inside, a silence.

Promises all broken
Heartbeats all frozen
The mind now rules
Yet somewhere it lingers, a memory.

Hatred tried and tested
Wounds that have now healed.
The courage now will never falter
Yet a hidden whisper speaks, a name.

A relief to have tried and lost
A gratitude for the moments
A lesson learnt hard and well
A scar , a mark to make me strong.

Always is so little a time
Forever seems lesser still
A promise new is made today
Rise I must & Rise I will. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Extraordinary people ....

Just read a quote  by Austin Stanch ....

 '' Everyone was given a set of eyes , they all see each other differently . My eyes see you as Perfect as you are . Thats all that matters to me . ''

What is it that makes you love someone  or something without any rhyme or reason . There are no perfect people inthis world .....

Each one has his own flaws , vices and negatives .

But somewhere in this world there will defnitely be someone who loves you along with all your flaws as   easily as they accept  your goodness .

Let us not misunderstand that this is because that particular person is big hearted or Noble .

This love and understanding coming from the simple fact that your mere presence actually fills their lives with so much positivity , so much happiness ,and most of all makes you love yourself and take care of yourself .

A person who gves you so much .... how can that person become Ordinary ! Don't you all agree that such a person is nothing less than Magic in your life !

And that love .... that accepts a person blindly , unconditionally and Truely .... for all they fill in your life ..... ...makes them the most Ordinary into Extraordinary !!!

This is dedicated  to all those people out there who have filled the colours of happiness in atleast one person's life !

To the Painters of Rainbows and Magic ....

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Am just a Castle in the sand.

Magical but Fragile here I stand.
Am just a Castle in the sand,
Am the Magic of a patient hand,
A nervous Heart but no Magic Wand.

Those playful waves, just eye me so,
Taunting and teasing as they go.
At times they throw out a shell or two
Beautiful adornments, they just make do.

But every shell comes with a price,
A part of me they take in a trice.
Those patient hands, they try again,
A wish so strong, can't be in Vain.

Am not a life thats here to stay,
I'll be a moment or just a day.
A glance, a smile, a beating heart,
But never a tear when I depart !

Magical but fragile here I stand
Am just a Castle in the sand.


Whispered words,
Fleeting thoughts.
Sudden silences
Tied in knots.

Waves of Rage,
Dances of joy
Passionate needs
Not Shy nor Coy.

A Mystery, A Marvel,
A wandering Bard.
Storms in Tea cups
A word in a card.

Silently Loud,
Chaotic and Serene.
Shades and Hues
Purple, reds and green.

Reaching places,
Touching lives.
On thoughts alone
She merely thrives.

Clad in robes
Of the Azure skies
Shining through Darkness,
Like the fireflies.

Chains don't bind
Nor locks do hold
The songs of my Heart
& Poems of my Soul !

The Rose and the Dew drop .......

What shines there like a precious gem , on a petal shining with pride .. The rose seems shy as she blushes red , wearing her jewel like a...