The Unicorn on the Rainbow.

Dedicated to all you multi talented people out there !
(Written 1.5.17: 3.30 pm) .

How many of you have had these confusions ? How many of you have felt that you belong to many places and people at once ?
How many times have you felt that yes this is who I am and after a few minutes contradicted yourself and felt No maybe this is who I am .

Confusions, differences, revelations, findings and again confusions.

I have been through this many times.

Sometimes resulting in a shock that Don't I have any proper identity at all.
Frustrations that I don't belong to any place and that I belong to many places.

With a pen and paper in my element. That is my universe. I am me as words flow uninhibited and fast. This is who I was born to be. This is who I want to be. This is Me.
Standing in a school am so damn sure that I am perfectly set here. There is no other place where I belong . This is my realisation of my passions and my dreams. This is the destination and the path towa…
Grey Hairs &  Silent Tears.
Written( 24/3/17 : 1.30)

For all those who believe that a senior person or an aged person must be respected No matter what, i dare to say I disagree.
There are so many more aspects to a persons character than his Age.
Age sometimes hides the most sinister personas and vile creatures deep inside. And they thrive in the knowledge that the world blindly trusts and respects them no matter what.
They revel in the joy that their thoughts no matter how wicked or cruel or disgusting are not read by the eyes blinded by forced respect.
They rejoice in the feeling that their actions no matter how wrong are forgiven or even ignored by the mind that is trained to focus only on the seniority and the number of grey hairs .
Indian households in particular make u drink a bitter mixture of Forced cultures, Masked adjustments, Moral policing and unwarranted Values that after a period of time become a part of your blood . Difficult to ignore and impossible to disobey.

The Wandering Mind Saga :  Travelling to Neverland.
(Written 29/3/17 : 1.00 pm )

I read to travel. To travel into a world thats more kind . More adapting and adjusting.
I danced to find the music in my soul and to be one with the Universe.
When there was a war between drifting words and monotonous  thoughts, and stepping feet and lists of chores I always wished that  the words and the music won.
The thoughts are strong and demanding. They demand a part of me and sometimes the whole of me.
I cannot part with myself without my permission. But even then I do.

And then they take over with tentacles of planning and deciding and worrying and getting lost.
Thats when words get blurred and sentences are skipped. The eyes glance but do not see. The mind reads but does not remember.

The heart years for a union between the world of stories and A universe of realities.  But thats just a flickering thought.
Sometimes when pages are half through I realise that no prints have been etched on the min…

Poems of my Soul.


Whispered words,
Fleeting thoughts.
Sudden silences
Tied in knots.

Waves of Rage,
Dances of joy
Passionate needs
Not Shy nor Coy.

A Mystery, A Marvel,
A wandering Bard.
Storms in Tea cups
A word in a card.

Silently Loud,
Chaotic and Serene.
Shades and Hues
Purple, reds and green.

Reaching places,
Touching lives.
On thoughts alone
She merely thrives.

Clad in robes
Of the Azure skies
Shining through Darkness,
Like the fireflies.

Chains don't bind
Nor locks do hold
The songs of my Heart
& Poems of my Soul !

Blind Turns !

(Written 26.2.17 : 7.40 pm)
Trusting through the bleeding wounds Thinking through the numbness Feeling through the aloneness Broken ... yet on we go.
Hoping against the Storms Walking against the crowd Tears through a smile Frozen ...yet on we go.
Reaching out to the fleeing figure Holding close the broken pieces Resolutions flying wild Confused ... yet on we go.
Pain told through silent tears Smiles hiding all the fears Silent screams  racing out  Alone ... yet on we go
Daring life at each blind turn Looking past closed doors Waiting for a silver lining Full of hope ... on we go. 
Because we all are just like Castles in the Sands of Time ...
(Written: 11/11/16 , 12.15 pm )

Am just a Castle in the sand.
Magical but Fragile here I stand.
Am just a Castle in the sand,
Am the Magic of a patient hand,
A nervous Heart but no Magic Wand.

Those playful waves, just eye me so,
Taunting and teasing as they go.
At times they throw out a shell or two
Beautiful adornments, they just make do.

But every shell comes with a price,
A part of me they take in a trice.
Those patient hands, they try again,
A wish so strong, can't be in Vain.

Am not a life thats here to stay,
I'll be a moment or just a day.
A glance, a smile, a beating heart,
But never a tear when I depart !

Magical but fragile here I stand
Am just a Castle in the sand.
And the Wandering Mind wanders yet again...lost in confusions yet happy, resulting in this!
Written: 28/11/16, 9.30pm .

The Clarity in the Chaos.

Show me the Path,
So that I may Walk.
Give me a Direction,
So that I may Focus.
Define my Purpose,
So I may Fulfill it.
What are the Questions,
That I need to Answer?
What are those Answers,
That I need to find!
Why is this Clarity,
So unclear...
And this confusion,
So simply clear.
Why are problems easy to find?
When solutions vanish without a trace.
Why is goodness so tarnished
And the wrongs savour the Praise!
Why is it that on some days,
Am fit to conquer the world.
And on some days I'd rather hide
A coward with many Fears.
Why do tears mean sorrow
When they can mean happiness too
Why does a smile hide a secret
And a threat be just so true.
But just so that I might believe
My purpose still unknown...
And just so that I might create
My path to call my own !